Geschreven tijdens het ontbijt bij dit beekje in Pai, Thailand in 2014. 

The Arrogant Mind
and the Wise Trees

Who am I to think that I have answers?
Who am I to think that I know something?
Who am I to think that I have a clue?
Who am I to think that I know,
Yes KNOW, anything at all?

I sit here and I think, I don’t see anything,
I’m just caught up in my thoughts.

But when I look around, I see trees,
I see a little creek,
I see a dragonfly flying by.

The longer I stare, the more detail I see,
The more detail I see, the more little,
No BIG, wonders I see.

How on earth can mankind create something like this without hard work,
just by letting it be and watch it grow into something so beautiful.
I only see true miracles around me.
Wonders that weren’t created by men.

Humble we have to be,
Humble I have to be.
To nature.
To the intelligence that created nature.
The higher power from where nature and life arises.
The creation of creation.
The effortless process of growth
From a seed into a tree.
That is a true wonder.

I can only be an observer.
My own body is a wonder that participates in this setting.
My mind is just a tool that creates illusions right now.
A distraction so I don’t see what’s in front of me.

Let me see the wonders of nature,
Let me see the wonders of life.
Let me see the wonder of my own body.

Are we that more intelligent than a tree?
Than a dragonfly?
Are we? Am I?

Is the thinking mind such a blessing for mankind?
I don’t trust my mind too much,
I trust the trees, the water in the creek, the dragonfly
And the juicy mango that I just swallowed.

– Hanneke Laaning

Hanneke Laaning